12 Weeks of Christmas Treats Round-Up

12 Weeks of Christmas Treats Roundup | The Redhead Baker

Readers, I hope you all enjoyed reading about these Christmas treats as I did finding new and interesting recipes to share with you.

I hope you clicked through the link-up photos and found even more new recipes, and more new blogs to read.

I wanted to post a round-up, not only of the recipes that I posted, but also highlight 12 recipes from others that I can’t wait to try myself.

In the collage above, the top photo is rich, creamy egg nog ice cream, which would be fabulous served alongside a slice of apple pie for Christmas dessert.

In the next row, on the left, is crisp Italian-style vanilla bean biscotti. Vanilla is the star ingredient in these cookies, with the inclusion of vanilla extract AND a whole vanilla bean, both pod and seeds.

Top center of that row is gingerbread sandwich cookies with maple cream filling, a traditional Christmas flavor with a twist.

Bottom center of that row is homemade mulling spice sachets, made for a fraction of the cost of store-bought!

Top right of the row is decadent caramel shortbread bars, and bottom right in that row is peppermint marshmallows. Store-bought marshmallows just can’t compare to homemade!

In the last row, top left is homemade peanut butter cups, treats that I made with my grandmother when I was a child.

Bottom left in the last row is inside-out caramel apples, a more elegant presentation of a childhood favorite.

Top center is mini maple pumpkin pies, perfect for large parties where no one wants to be the first to cut into the pie, and bottom center is cranberry white chocolate cookies, another traditional Christmas flavor.

Yes, that’s only 11 treats. I skipped a week in early November, too busy with a wedding cake, a gingerbread house, and my son’s birthday party.


On to my favorites from other bloggers!

From Week 1, Candy Cane Brownies from Roxana’s Home Baking! I love fudgy brownies, I love peppermint and chocolate. These are so festive!

From Week 2, Browned Butter Shortbread Crisps from Vintage Kitchen Notes! Shortbread is one of my favorite cookies (appropriate, since they are Scottish cookies, and I am half Scottish). Browning butter brings a whole different flavor to the table, and I can’t wait to try them!

From Week 3, Pumpkin White Chocolate Chip Cookies from Alida’s Kitchen! I love, love, love pumpkin. Need I say more?

From Week 4, Nutella Magic in the Middles from Sweet as Sugar Cookies! Prior to starting my blog in 2009, I’d never heard of “magic in the middle” cookies. Actually, I’d never heard of Nutella, either. I’ve still never had a Magic in the Middle (but I have tried Nutella), and these sound right up my alley!

From Week 5, Pumpkin Snickerdoodles from Sweet as Sugar Cookies! When I first read the title, I thought it sounded weird, but when I gave it more thought, snickerdoodles are covered in cinnamon sugar. Pumpkin and cinnamon go naturally together. How could these not be awesome?

From Week 6, Apple Cinnamon Streusel Bars from Meal Planning Magic! They just sound so . . . comforting. Warm apples. Streusel topping. Drizzled icing. It’s like wrapping yourself in a warm, fuzzy blanket.

From Week 7, S’mores Truffles from Cooking to Perfection! Who would you think you could create a creamy graham cracker filling? Wrap it around a mini marshmallow, dip the whole thing in chocolate . . . Yum!

From Week 8, Caramel Cupcakes by Baked Bree! If you’re tired of cupcakes that simply serve as a vehicle to move tons of frosting, you might enjoy these cupcakes with a caramel glaze.

Photo by Baked Bree

Photo by Baked Bree

From Week 9, Peppermint Bark Ice Cream from Delicious Meliscious! I’m not the only nut who eats ice cream in the winter! The ice cream sounds delicious and is so pretty, too!

From Week 10, Skinny Eggnog Pie from Kitchen Meets Girl! I love how she took a lightened-up homemade eggnog recipe and turned it into a pie with a gingersnap crust. Not exactly diet food, but with so many tempting treats, it’s nice to indulge in something a little lighter now and then.

From Week 11, Cookie Dough Fudge from Cooking to Perfection. Cookie dough is my weakness. I never get the full yield of cookies from a chocolate chip cookie recipe, because I always eat at least two cookies’ worth of dough. Maybe if/when I get salmonella someday, I’ll stop. Or, I could make this fudge and get my fix.

From Week 12, Peppermint Cake Roll from Baking and Boys! I was considering a different version of this dessert for my last post of the link-up, and I’m glad I did the ice cream instead, only so that I didn’t duplicate someone else’s efforts. Cake rolls are fun to make, easy to serve, and impresses guests!


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