About Me

By Coleen

Who is The Redhead Baker?

Hi! I’m Coleen. I was born, raised, and still live in Philadelphia with my fiancé, Dave; our son, Liam; and our two rescued dogs, a pitbull named Carl, and an Australian Shepherd named Reese.

By day, I am a graphic design contractor for a national bank. In my spare time (if I’m not cooking or baking), I love to read, shop (shoes and makeup are my biggest guilty pleasures), trick-train with my dogs, and scrapbook.

About the Blog

I started baking at an early age, and loved it. I considered culinary school after high school, but ended up in college for graphic design.

After working three years in graphic design, I entered the part-time pastry program at a local culinary school. I worked a few years in the food service industry — in fine dining, a bread bakery, and a wholesale bakery — but eventually returned to graphic design. I discovered that I loved to bake a cake or decorate a batch of cookies. I don’t like baking 25 cakes, and decorating 3,000 cookies, all exactly the same way. And I especially don’t like waking up at 4:00 a.m.! I established a blog as a means to share my love of cooking and baking.

About the Photography

I took one class in photography at the local community college. That is the extent of my formal training (and I’d say 90% of the photos on my site reflect that!). The rest I have learned from observing other blogs, reading photography books tutorials, and the manual that came with my camera.

I use a (now-discontinued) Nikon D40 digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. I have two lenses, the “kit” lens (a 18-55mm), and a telephoto lens (55-200mm). I mount my camera on a Dynex tripod. I try to use natural light as much as possible, since I don’t currently have an artificial lighting set-up.

I generally set up my shots on either my breakfast bar, my Ikea kitchen island, a TV tray table, or the floor, depending on the angle of the shot. I use pretty much any kind of fabric I have for a backdrop: kitchen towels, tablecloths, bedsheets, bath towels, I’ve even used a sweater. I get props from the Target, the Dollar Store, craft stores, and thrift stores.

What products do you use in the kitchen? 

I’m a big fan of OXO tools and KitchenAid appliances. Please see my Amazon Affiliates store for specific products I use, as well as cookbooks and magazines that I enjoy and would recommend.

Blog Disclosure

Unless otherwise specified, I have not been compensated, monetarily or otherwise, for my statements, reviews, or product recommendations.

Unless otherwise specified, any sweepstakes prizes have been purchased with my own funds, and I’ve chosen to give these products as prizes because I genuinely use and enjoy them.

Unless otherwise specified, all content matter published on this blog was created by me (with the exception of link-up badges), and are copyrighted. I am delighted if you choose to make any of the recipes listed in my blog, but if you choose to post about them on your own site, please write about it in your own voice and take your own pictures. Please link back to me in your post.

If you do want to use one of my photos or a quote from my blog, please contact me for permission.