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Munchkin Meals: Breakfast

Thursday means Munchkin Meals! This post is all about Liam's breakfasts.  Liam is now 7 months, 3 weeks old. I am happy to report that last week's experiment worked, and Liam will take purées from me! He still prefers purées to finger food, though I'm gradually making the purées more chunky than thin.  Typical breakfast options are:  …

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Munchkin Meals at 7 Months

I know that as a first-time parent, preparing to introduce BabyL to solid foods was stressful, to say the least. What age? Which food? Purée? Finger food? How much? How often?  I'm happy to say that I've calmed down somewhat. After all, as they say, "Food before 1 is just for fun." Meaning, before the …

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