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Steak with Parmesan Spinach

This dinner was a team effort. I've never been comfortable cooking steak. Probably because past efforts have resulted in overcooked steak, and therefore I'm loathe to "practice." Steak isn't exactly cheap (is anything these days?), and I'm scared to potentially waste it. So, Dave cooked the steak while I prepared the spinach.  I bookmarked the …

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Recipe Swap: Spanikopita

I don't know which swap style I like more: the themed ones or the Secret Recipe Club ones where I'm assigned a blog and can choose any recipe I want. I'm really glad our swap does both! My assigned blog was I Was Born to Cook. I was initially apprehensive, as I saw a lot …

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Green Beans with Wild Mushrooms

Here's another "oldie but goodie" (recipe I made in my pre-blogging days, hence no photo). I made this Epicurious recipe as a Thanksgiving side dish a few years ago, and it was delicious. This recipe can be made a day ahead of time, instructions for doing so are included in the directions.  Green Beans with …

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Side Dish: Pumpkin Sage Polenta

If your family is up for experimenting with new dishes on Thanksgiving (unlike mine), this pumpkin sage polenta would make a seasonal substitution for traditional mashed potatoes. I've been going back through my archives of recipes I made in my pre-blogging days. That's the reason there is no photo to accompany this recipe. Pumpkin Sage …

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