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Carrot "Ice Cream" for Dogs

Long-time readers of my blog know that I like to cook and that I love to bake. You've "met" my son. You may not know, however, that I am that dog person. 

I put more consideration into what I feed my dogs than I do myself (please don't make me get on my dog nutrition soapbox). My dogs are allowed on the furniture (well, it can't be comfortable laying on the tile floor!). Those dog beds in my bedroom? Purely for decoration. My dogs sleep on MY bed. 

They get gifts for holidays. They have their own Christmas stockings. They have as many toys as my human son, if not more (well, in fairness, they've been here longer). We try to include them in weekend activities, and if we can't, we plan our activities so that they're not left alone too long. 

We celebrate their birthdays and "Gotcha" days (adoption anniversaries) with doggie cake. I make homemade treats. And in the summer, I make them "ice cream." Sure, there's doggie ice cream available to buy at the grocery store, but I'm not a fan of the company that produces it. I also think it's more fun to make the "ice cream" at home, because I can create flavors that aren't available commercially. 

The dog in the picture above is Carl, our pit bull mix. Carl has his own Facebook page, which details the crazy things he does, like the time he play-bowed to a centipede crawling across our kitchen floor, the time he went to the emergency vet for eating a week's worth of kibble at once, or the time he got scared by a cat and hid in his crate. We brought Carl home to foster him for the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia in April 2010, and he never left. 

Carrot "Ice Cream"
Adapted from


  • 32 ounces low- or non-fat plain or vanilla yogurt
  • 2 tablespoon honey
  • 5 ounces carrot puree*


  1. Whisk together all the ingredients in a medium-size mixing bowl. 
  2. Freeze in silicone ice cube trays, or in 3-ounce paper candy cups. 
* Substitute any dog-safe fruit or vegetable puree. For convenience, you can use 5-ounce jars of baby food. 

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Jenna McCloud

Wednesday 27th of June 2012

Sounds like our dogs live the same pampered life. :) I swear every time I go to the store, my dog gets another toy or a treat. She is super spoiled, but at the same time I adore her. I'm sure it'll continue long after I have kids too. I haven't thought about making ice cream for her though, I'll have to try this.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.