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Mother's Day Brunch Buffet

It's here — my first Mother's Day. Dave was planning on taking me out to brunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Cantina dos Segundos in the Northern Liberties neighborhood in Philadelphia. But Dave's mom wanted us to come visit, and so did my mom. It would have been way too stressful to do all three things in one day, making sure the baby got his regular nursing and nap sessions, and making sure the dogs were taken care of. 

So Dave decided to invite his mother and step-father and my parents to our apartment for brunch. I got excited and sort-of — ok, I totally took over the planning. Dave intended it to be a day off for me, but I love to cook and brunch is my favorite meal, so hosting it was a treat. Dave did most of the cleaning and cared for the baby so that I could prep and cook the dishes. 

First hurdle: what to serve? More specifically, how to narrow down all the delicious recipes so that I didn't end up with enough food to feed a football team? I checked the Mother's Day features on,,, and a few others (I always tend to overload myself with information and options). I bookmarked recipes that sounded good. I narrowed it down to six recipes (yes, still enough to feed a football team, but think of all the yummy leftover treats to eat throughout the week!). 

It was a fun afternoon, the food was delicious, and the baby was only mildly cranky (a combination of teething and stranger anxiety). I got lovely cards from The Mister, the baby, the dogs, my parents, and The Mister's mom and step-dad. 

I hope all of my readers enjoyed this Mother's Day!

I'll be posting the recipes we enjoyed throughout the week: muffins, cinnamon rolls, French toast casserole, and mango bellinis on Thursday! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.