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Munchkin Meals at 7 months 2 weeks

Caught! I have photographic evidence that my son likes purées!

Last Saturday, I indulged myself in some pampering and got my hair cut. My parents watched BabyL for the hour I was at the salon, and I arrived at their house to see BabyL happily gobbling up his mango and yogurt. He ate nearly the whole ounce! For comparison, when I offer solids, he eats one or two spoonfuls.

So, since The Mister is off from work this whole week, I decided to do an experiment. I'm having The Mister feed BabyL all of his purées. And so far, it seems that my hypothesis was correct: BabyL just doesn't like when I feed him purées. 

New food of the week: Plums

Cube of frozen plum purée

So, here is this week's menu. Usually nothing is planned in advance, we just grab a cube from the freezer, and try to mix it up. 

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Mango & Greek Yogurt Apples Butternut Squash
Tuesday Avocado
Peaches & Greek Yogurt
Wednesday Plums Sweet Potato Peas & Carrots
Thursday Plums Pears
Friday Bananas & Oatmeal Plums Apple & Butternut Squash

Some of the foods he'll taste next will be ground chicken, rice cereal, and green beans. 

Check out what other moms are feeding their kids through Brittany's link-up on her blog, A Healthy Slice of Life.

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Thursday 5th of July 2012

What a sweet boy! I really like your meal chart. I need to start doing weekly charts!

Sarah M.

Thursday 5th of July 2012

Love the chart! Great idea!


Thursday 5th of July 2012

Bummer that LO doesn't like when YOU feed him, but at least you guys can get him to eat you're homemade baby food! My son refused anything I made for him and I had to resort to storebought. He was giving me a complex!


Thursday 5th of July 2012

My hope is that by having The Mister feed L. all of his purees, the baby will realize how much he likes them, and won't care when I feed them to him next week.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.