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Munchkin Meals

Munchkin Meals: On Vacation

Today's Munchkin Meals is an unofficial one, as the link-up host, A Healthy Slice of Life, is a bit overwhelmed at the moment. It will be back in two weeks with a picnic theme! I can't wait! As if traveling with a 9-month-old (and all of their necessary gear) wasn't stressful enough, adding a long road …

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Munchkin Meals

As I mentioned last week, the host of Munchkin Meals, Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life, has decided to move the link-up to an every-other-week format, so the next "Munchkin Meals" will appear on August 23rd. Liam is about 8.5 months old. He sits unassisted, gets into a sitting position from lying down, crawls …

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Munchkin Meals: Dinner

Thursday means A Healthy Slice of Life's Munchkin Meals link-up! This week, we are focusing on dinner. We've been trying to offer Liam (8 months old) flavor combinations instead of single-ingredient purees, whether it's two veggies, a fruit and a veggie, or a protein and a veggie. I'm turning more often to baby food cookbooks …

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Munchkin Meals: Lunch

Thursday Munchkin Meals! This week's theme is lunch. Liam will be 8 months on Saturday (!?!). He will now eat just about everything we put in front of him. He's also much more interested in "helping" us spoon-feed him his purees. His idea of "helping" is to grab the spoon right at the tip, where …

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