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Munchkin Meals

Time for another Munchkin Meals, hosted by A Healthy Slice of Life. I love sharing a typical day of Liam's meals, and getting meal ideas from other moms. I hope some of my readers find these posts helpful as well.

Liam will be 11 months old this weekend (!), and plans for his birthday party are in full swing. The party will be sock monkey-themed (because it's one of his favorite toys). My mother and I are making the food, and I'll be making the cake (why, of course I'll share pictures!).

It's actually been about six months since we started "solids" with Liam. I say "solids," because we actually started with purees. It got off to a rocky start, with Liam not seeming to enjoy it at all, despite showing all the signs of readiness. He did eventually discover the joy of food, then wanted to move on to finger foods.

He has developed preferences. His favorites seem to be meat/poultry/fish of any kind, mozzarella cheese, butternut squash, green beans, waffles, blueberries, and bananas. We still continue to offer him a wide variety of foods, mostly whatever it is that we happen to be eating.

Breakfast this particular morning was his usual: one multi-grain waffle from Trader Joe's, a medium banana, and water in a sippie cup (he gets a sippie of water at each meal). He typically eats his entire breakfast, but today, he left ¼ of the banana on his tray.



 We went out to run some errands. I picked up cream-colored envelopes from Paper Source to go with his birthday party invitations, then to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. At Whole Foods, I picked up some Earth's Best mini cheese raviolis. 


I like them because the raviolis come individually frozen, and sealed in a plastic bag. This way, I can heat up as many or as few as I like, depending on how hungry Liam seems to be. I boiled ten of the raviolis, and cut them in half. Unfortunately, Liam wasn't really feeling the ravioli love today. He ate half of one ravioli, and cried to be picked up. I attributed it to tiredness, and put the raviolis away to try again at dinner.

Dinner for the adults was baked chicken with balsamic glaze, green beans, and apricot couscous. I planned to give Liam some of the chicken (sans glaze -- too messy), the green beans, and the raviolis instead of the couscous. Liam can't use a spoon, and can't pick up the couscous.


Liam ate all his chicken and green beans, but again, left all the raviolis on the tray. 

Well, they (who are "they," anyway?) say you need to introduce food at least ten times before you can determine whether or not the baby likes the food. Guess I'll keep trying! 

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Laura @ Mommy run fast

Thursday 18th of October 2012

I don't think I've ever tried ravioli... seems like it would be a good choice, but you never know what they'll eat. Have fun with the party planning- what an adorable theme!


Thursday 18th of October 2012

Parker (17 months ) has never really liked ravioli - though he loves other pasta. I think it's because it's too "slippery " in his mouth and it's hard for him to taste the filling - he normally immediately spits it out. Just guessing though :)


Thursday 18th of October 2012

It was weird to me, because Liam does eat (loves, even) Trader Joe's butternut squash ravioli. Maybe these cheese ones were too mild in flavor.

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