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Main course meals featuring fish or shellfish

Shrimp Fried Rice

Eating tasty food at home doesn't have to be expensive! This homemade shrimp fried rice costs just $2.30 per serving! Today's #SundaySupper is all about eating on a budget. Even though the economy is (slowly) rebounding, many people (myself included) need watch their finances carefully. But eating inexpensively doesn't have to mean instant ramen. This homemade …

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Salmon with Basil Aioli

For many years now (since I discovered my love of salmon), my preference has been to season it with lemon and dill. Until I was browsing through an old issue of Bon Appetit (see, I really am keeping my commitment to go through my unreasonably-large magazine stash!) and found a recipe for Grilled Salmon with …

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Tilapia with Basil Butter

If you've had difficulty baking fish, if it always gets too dry (not that I would know or anything), you need to try this quick and easy weekday dish. From pre-cook preparation to the table, it's ready in about 30 minutes. The recipe uses compound butter to baste the fish as it cooks. Compound butter …

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Lemon-Honey Glazed Salmon

As much as I love the flavor combination of lemon and dill on salmon, I wanted a different flavor with last night's dinner. I searched the web for salmon recipes, and saw a lot for salmon with honey and Dijon mustard sauce. However, I can't stand mustard, and don't keep any in the house. There …

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